Life · 12.06.2019
When I started with Instagram some time ago, I didn't really know how Insta was working and started to follow, along with my contacts, well known influencers / bloggers. However I soon noticed that a few things were disturbing me - I don't know why but I was under the impression there was too much negativity. I didn't feel inspired or happy from these posts...
Life · 06.06.2019
As part of the bachelorette party I attended in Paris recently, we had a floral head wreath workshop. It was loads of fun and...pretty easy to do! So if you are heading to a summer party, wedding or even a midsummer party in Sweden, here is some inspiration for your headdress...

Life · 20.03.2019
We are so lucky. And grateful. And blessed. After some unsuccessful attempts, we received the incredible news that we soon - if all goes well - would be allowed to become parents once more :) I still can't believe it. It sounds so surreal. And I must say the way there was a little rockier than with Number 1...
Life · 30.01.2019
As Baby Lifestylette was fighting off a pretty bad virus last week, I managed to let her childcare know at 10am where the caretakers had probably already jumped to the obvious conclusion... Embarrassed that I had forgotten, I reflected on the many 'new learnings' and items I have now integrated in our daily lives over the past months.... Here are the 10 things I have learned in 10 weeks of childcare:

Life · 23.01.2019
We wanted to finally build (and "pimp") the play kitchen that Baby Lifestylette got for Christmas this week end - I was already seeing everything going wrong and how I could share a do's and --especially -- don'ts... But then came the disgusting virus that Baby Lifestylette has been fighting off since Friday - and hence myself since Saturday - and instead of a fun family week-end, we spent lots of couch time with tea, hot chocolate and fluffy blankets. And LFSTYLT husband and I broke our
Life · 12.12.2018
About the same time I experienced Lifestylette blog being claimed by some utter stranger, I somehow came across platforms where you can gossip about other blogs and bloggers. Curious as I am – and the eternal gossiper & rambler with my girlfriends - I soon became fascinated by this… But what kind of Pandora’s box was hereby opened!!!

Life · 27.11.2018
The internet and just about everyone was asking me: are you planning on Black Friday? Did you get your codes? What did you shop? (And don’t get me even started on Cyber Monday!) This is pretty new for me: I had heard about the big Black Friday sales in the US; seen some videos of people going crazy and basically the decadence of human beings becoming animals fighting over “stuff”.
Life · 23.11.2018
Weeks ago, I was fetching the injection I needed for one of our (unsuccessful) attempts for a potential number 2 and I was asked if I wanted the brand-name product or a generic one. Answering that I had been suffering from headaches with the other hormones already, I asked to please have the original stuff. I have no clue about any of this and did not want to risk anything.

Life · 20.11.2018
But then what do you do at home all day??? And is that ok for you? I have heard this sentence so often this year during my maternity leave and most of the time it just made me laugh so much! Not only am I amused by the image that the people asking have of the “stay-at-home” mom, but also I have never seen it as a burden!
Life · 15.11.2018
Yes! We know, summer is over and it is the season of cold and rain and flu…BUT for lots – autumn & winter is the season of romantic proposals…and with them engagement parties!! The first party LFSTYLT husband and I attended, we weren’t yet engaged. We were asking ourselves: how does this work? Should we bring a gift? After all, they “just” want to share their engagement “officially” and again “officially” exchange ring and watch. It is a difficult and delicate question.

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