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How I changed my Insta feed to positive vibes

Life                                             June 12th

When I started with Instagram some time ago, I didn't really know how Insta was working and started to follow, along with my contacts, well known influencers / bloggers.


However I soon noticed that a few things were disturbing me - I don't know why but I was under the impression there was too much negativity.


I didn't feel inspired or happy from these posts... 

THE Summer Party accessory

Life                                             June, 6th

As part of the bachelorette party I attended in Paris recently, we had a floral head wreath workshop.


It was loads of fun and...pretty easy to do!


So if you are heading to a summer party, wedding or even a midsummer party in Sweden, here is some inspiration for your headdress...



Breakfast Paradise: Berlin - Part 2

Travel                                        May, 24th


After our awesome discovery last Saturday of Benedict, we were actually thinking about going there again on the Sunday as we hadn't yet ordered everything on the menu ;)


But then, in the course of the afternoon whilst playing with the little ones on a nearby playground, our friends showed us this little gem for a take-away coffee...



Breakfast Paradise: Berlin - Part 1

Travel                                        May, 22nd


No matter how you try to twist it, week-ends only have two breakfasts...so better pick carefully especially if you are a total breakfast addict as I am!


We were in Berlin last week-end which is, if not THE capital of breakfasts, at least a breakfast paradise. Not only is the foodie culture one of the best I know, Berlin also has the perfect mix of design and coolness that goes with it...

Instagrammable London

Travel                                         May, 15th

Who doesn't like to travel and discover pretty things and places?


When we travel, we love wandering around and thereby discovering areas, shops & cafés by "coincidence".


However, I also do like to do some prep-research via the internet and check out some sites I really want to see. In my recent travel-prep, I have come across a lot of "the most instagrammable..." guides. For us, going through those guides would be far too stressful, attempting to run from one beautiful place...

10 things to do in London

Travel                                       April, 24th

Perfect plans rarely work out how we had imagined.


This time in London, we had planned so much things to do – friends to visit, lunches, cafés etc.


But somehow, in a sleep-deprived phase and after a series of little inconveniences, we had to face it: we couldn't stick to our week-end plan....





by Cécile