Talk, talk, talk


Weeks ago, I was fetching the injection I needed for one of our (unsuccessful) attempts for a potential number 2 and I was asked if I wanted the brand-name product or a generic one.


Answering that I had been suffering from headaches with the other hormones already, I asked to please have the original stuff. I have no clue about any of this and did not want to risk anything.


And it's true: the past days I had swollen, my face looked like a pizza and I kept on getting in random fights with LFSTYLT husband...it's always pretty exhausting.


And as always, you never know if going through all this will even get you anywhere apart side effects.


Anyways the good lady carries on with the prescription and, impatient as I am, I scan the receipt of the previous ones on my phone hoping to be reimbursed - hooray for #digitalization of my health insurance!

Not only am I exhausted, pizza face and all, the stuff is also really expensive!


Lost in exactly these thoughts, I must have sighed as the chemist looks at me with soft and understanding eyes: « is it even reimbursed? »


"Oh it's a long story"; I started and somehow we started talking.


Turns out that, once again; opening up on PCOS and difficulties of having children, which I consider a normal thing to do, is appreciated by others who then dare share their story and ask to hear about my experience.


I honestly would never have believed how many people are trying to have children - one wouldn't suspect - and seem so happy to find others with whom they can exchange about this oh so emotional and difficult topic.


I can not predict anything, I do not have a magic wand nor a medical background.


All I know is that speaking openly about PCOS, the clinic we go to, the hard times that we went and go through seems to help people in their own path and give them something to hold on to in this very difficult journey.


This person concluded by "Anyway, I wasn't planning on telling you all this" as if to excuse herself of sharing her pain.


This made me profoundly sad.


If there is anything that I have learnt from our struggles, the only thing that really helps most was and is to dare talk openly about the topic. 


So I can of course, say what we went through, which medication we tried, what I think contributed to make it work for our first baby etc...but I think one of the key points for us was and is to talk, talk, talk and get some of the pain out of your system.


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