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Travel Blog · 28.04.2019
I always wanted to experience a real afternoon tea in London - somehow it seemed so magical and cosy and delicious all at the same time! There is a lot of choice in London, however for me, it had to be Fortnum & Mason's - there is just something about Fortnum's which makes it the perfect traditional British establishment...
Gourmet - Food · 27.03.2019
Recently at the doctor's - in what now feels like weekly dates! - she asked me what Baby Lifestylette eats most. To which I answered without hesitation: Quiche. She just loves quiche so much that I feel I cook one at least once a week. "Oh, I used to eat quiche a lot as well, I loved it, but for some years now, I am avoiding eating meat so I don't have quiche as much anymore unfortunately" was her answer. I found this so interesting, because quiche doesn't have to be at all with meat.

Gourmet - Food · 07.12.2018
My German girlfriends with children have invited us to some baking afternoons where they bake with their children "Plätzchen" - a sort of little cookie which one bakes & decorates together and offers in the advent time in Germany. It is a beautiful tradition. Except for zero-baking-skills me.
Gourmet - Food · 04.12.2018
As my maternity leave is sadly at an end – boohoo – I have put together a list of my favorite coffee places in Frankfurt – which are baby pram / toddler friendly. Before you scroll through the list, small precision: I chose the cafés based on my experience of baby / child friendliness (and of course general friendliness), coffee & food as well as style.

Travel Blog · 18.10.2018
Using the excuse of an evening invitation in Lille, we recently spent a day in the capital of Flanders, where we were lucky to see the city at its best with the Indian summer sun shining on its red brick buildings. Indeed, as soon as we are in Lille, we always try and make some time to shop some "classics" to bring back to Germany where we currently live. We started with a café au lait at one of the many cafés of the Grand Place, Lille's main square.