Quiche for all foodies!


Recently at the doctor's - in what now feels like weekly dates! - she asked me what Baby Lifestylette eats most.


To which I answered without hesitation: Quiche.


She just loves quiche so much that I feel I cook one at least once a week.


"Oh, I used to eat quiche a lot as well, I loved it, but for some years now, I am avoiding eating meat so I don't have quiche as much anymore unfortunately" was her answer.


I found this so interesting, because quiche doesn't have to be at all with meat. There are so many different quiches to do - when you have a good basis, you basically can try putting anything in a quiche.


So I gave her the recipe of the latest one I tried which was a success at home, judging on the approval of Baby Lifestylette as well as LFSTYLT husband...


...a leek and goat cheese quiche. As you can see nothing spectacular, but easy & quick to do and delicious all the same!


For 4-6 helpings, you need ingredients as follows:


  • 2 leeks
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 goat cheese roll - in Germany I find that of Le President a reliable product
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 glass of milk
  • 1 pot of crème fraîche - I love crème fraîche and find here 200g pots
  • 1 ready rolled dough - Purists do their own but with juggling between everything, this alternative works fine for us.
  • 1 pack of Emmental grated cheese
  • Salt, pepper & nutmeg


1. Clean the leeks and slice into thin pieces


2. Prepare the garlic clove


3. In a pan, pour a more than good swig of olive oil, cover with the pieces of leek as well as the mashed garlic


4. Cook at medium heat, regularly stirring: you want the leek to be golden but still melt on your tongue ;)


This is the longest part - count ca. 30' minutes to achieve a good result.


Whilst the veggies are cooking, you can slowly start preparing the rest. I typically start half-way through the veg' cooking so as not to have dough and eggs lying around outside too long before going in the oven.


5. In a bowl, mix the eggs, milk, crème fraîche, salt, pepper & nutmeg. It takes some time - and if jelly-arms like me, strength - to get a nice smooth and thick mixture, but so worth it!






6. Prepare the dough in your quiche baking form - as the dough I find here is square I have to cut off some edges and inelegantly repair the dough to fit to the round baking form.


7. Slice the goat cheese roll and place on the dough


8. By now the leek should be smooth and golden and you can equally distribute it in the baking form before topping off with your egg and cream preparation.


9. The finishing touch comes with a sprinkle of Emmental on top - if you are cheese fans like us, all the pack!


10. Put the baking form into the oven at 200° C - I tend to look after 20' minutes what the quiche looks like. If it is golden on the top, I take it out and leave it rest before serving...this time for instance with a cucumber salad.


Bon appétit!


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