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Gourmet - Food · 27.03.2019
Recently at the doctor's - in what now feels like weekly dates! - she asked me what Baby Lifestylette eats most. To which I answered without hesitation: Quiche. She just loves quiche so much that I feel I cook one at least once a week. "Oh, I used to eat quiche a lot as well, I loved it, but for some years now, I am avoiding eating meat so I don't have quiche as much anymore unfortunately" was her answer. I found this so interesting, because quiche doesn't have to be at all with meat.
Gourmet - Food · 07.12.2018
My German girlfriends with children have invited us to some baking afternoons where they bake with their children "Plätzchen" - a sort of little cookie which one bakes & decorates together and offers in the advent time in Germany. It is a beautiful tradition. Except for zero-baking-skills me.