Dealing with discriminating suits

coffee lover, I heart coffee
coffee lover, I heart coffee

My lunch date having to rush back to a meeting, I decided to go have my coffee all the same to where we had planned. 

After all I had planned to go to my favorite café of the moment :) and baby Lifestylette had just fallen asleep double :)

What I hadn't thought of is that I was coming to the café in the week. Worse : I was wearing a casual (chic of course) outfit.


suits, colored socks & shoes, fashion for men
suits, colored socks & shoes, fashion for men

The café was packed with suits of all kinds. 


I don't mind suits at all.

In fact I quite like them - they look great on my husband and I have a few myself.


Except that I do not wear them right now.

Of course not: I am on maternity leave so why should I?


Well the suits there seemed to think otherwise. Not only was I dressed in casual (chic, I insist) clothes but I was apparently the annoying mom who was, supreme annoyance, pushing a pram around with god forbid a baby inside (yes babies can rarely walk). And thankfully baby Lifestylette was sleeping. I do not even want to imagine how the situation would have been then!


Judging suits were staring me up and down. I was feeling pretty uncomfortable. All of a sudden this experience was turning to a nightmare. Why hadn't I ordered my coffee to go?


I gulped my coffee as quickly as I could - and yes I totally burnt my throat - so I could make my way through ASAP!!


Do you think that one of these suits would have cared to help me carry the pram down the three steps to the café?

Of course not!


The old me would have blushed, looked at her feet, probably apologised for even being there.

la vie est belle
la vie est belle

However the new me calmly reflects this and can't understand this.


What is wrong with these people?


I have worked for nearly ten years in one of those companies.

A lot.

And I liked it.

And I liked wearing suits.

But I do not have the impression that I looked down on casual (chic, I really do insist) non-suits.

I do not understand how I am a different person with suit and without pram, baby and all. to that I was today in the café.


Feeling terribly discriminated against, I looked up, flashed my toothpaste-ad smile at all these non helping suits, carried my pram on my own, head up, nose sniffing high in the air (praying and managing not to topple down) and decided that all these people were just jealous that I am on maternity leave, casual chic and enjoying every second of it!! (OK and I made a mental pic of them just in case I am their boss one day: Ha!)


Chillax! La vie est belle as the French say! Next time I think I might just stare back longer, see who feels uncomfortable then :)

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