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Life · 20.03.2019
We are so lucky. And grateful. And blessed. After some unsuccessful attempts, we received the incredible news that we soon - if all goes well - would be allowed to become parents once more :) I still can't believe it. It sounds so surreal. And I must say the way there was a little rockier than with Number 1...
Home · 08.02.2019
At last we finally finished our play kitchen Ikea hack. Whilst researching some months ago, we had come across a great inspiration via Pinterest and actually led me to discover and follow a blogger I absolutely love (Justalittlebuild). She inspired us so much that we decided to offer this to Baby Lifestylette for christmas.

Life · 30.01.2019
As Baby Lifestylette was fighting off a pretty bad virus last week, I managed to let her childcare know at 10am where the caretakers had probably already jumped to the obvious conclusion... Embarrassed that I had forgotten, I reflected on the many 'new learnings' and items I have now integrated in our daily lives over the past months.... Here are the 10 things I have learned in 10 weeks of childcare:
Travel Blog · 15.01.2019
As we finally sat down in the Boeing that was going to fly us to our sun-filled vacation, LFSTYLT husband and I looked at each other and smiled. The very first flight prep with Baby Lifestylette less than a year ago had run slightly less smoother :) what a difference! Over less than a year, with flying a lot - sometimes alone with her - short, medium and long flights, we have managed to optimize our packing skills with her which makes the journeys far less stressful. Here are our lessons

Gourmet - Food · 04.12.2018
As my maternity leave is sadly at an end – boohoo – I have put together a list of my favorite coffee places in Frankfurt – which are baby pram / toddler friendly. Before you scroll through the list, small precision: I chose the cafés based on my experience of baby / child friendliness (and of course general friendliness), coffee & food as well as style.
Life · 20.11.2018
But then what do you do at home all day??? And is that ok for you? I have heard this sentence so often this year during my maternity leave and most of the time it just made me laugh so much! Not only am I amused by the image that the people asking have of the “stay-at-home” mom, but also I have never seen it as a burden!

Travel Blog · 18.10.2018
Using the excuse of an evening invitation in Lille, we recently spent a day in the capital of Flanders, where we were lucky to see the city at its best with the Indian summer sun shining on its red brick buildings. Indeed, as soon as we are in Lille, we always try and make some time to shop some "classics" to bring back to Germany where we currently live. We started with a café au lait at one of the many cafés of the Grand Place, Lille's main square.
cest-non-non-non-et-non, dior, lifestylette, sweater, fashion, french
Life · 16.10.2018
As I walked down the streets of Frankfurt the other day and saw a sweater with these words, I laughed a lot. Because ever since Baby Lifestylette has started to crawl, I have the impression that I am saying these words ALL. the. time. When I change her and she grabs the nappy bin, c'est non! When she goes for the plugs - which of course are baby-proof - and puts her fingers into them, c'est non! When she crawls to the suitcase and tries to put the full-of-cities'-dirt-wheels into her clean...

Pink & Blue ice-cream
Life · 25.09.2018
I bumped into a former work colleague as I was walking home from a city lunch this week. The usual kiss kiss 'hey! long time no see!' bladibla was completed by a polite ‘and you're a mother now, incredible' bladibla... as well as - a classic when people want to ask something nice about your baby - 'and how is HE called?' I nearly choked. 'It's a she but I don't like pink!' is all I managed to answer. Granted, it IS difficult to distinguish a boy from a girl at those small ages - I barely can...
coffee lover, I heart coffee
Life · 11.09.2018
My lunch date having to rush back to a meeting, I decided to go have my coffee all the same to where we had planned. After all I had planned to go to my favorite café of the moment :) and baby Lifestylette had just fallen asleep double :) What I hadn't thought of is that I was coming to the café in the week. Worse : I was wearing a casual (chic of course) outfit.