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Gourmet - Food · 04.10.2018
As we enjoyed a beautiful autumn morning walk last week-end, we stopped at our local café for our - that's right - café au lait on the terrace. We - at least Baby Lifestylette and I - are regulars, so at once saw that the owner and usual service were not there. Nevermind, we order our coffees all the same. That is, when our order is at last taken. LFSTYLT husband, who has been in the food and drink business for ages always sees straight away what is wrong in a place. I do admit it drives me...
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Life · 11.09.2018
My lunch date having to rush back to a meeting, I decided to go have my coffee all the same to where we had planned. After all I had planned to go to my favorite café of the moment :) and baby Lifestylette had just fallen asleep double :) What I hadn't thought of is that I was coming to the café in the week. Worse : I was wearing a casual (chic of course) outfit.