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Life · 12.06.2019
When I started with Instagram some time ago, I didn't really know how Insta was working and started to follow, along with my contacts, well known influencers / bloggers. However I soon noticed that a few things were disturbing me - I don't know why but I was under the impression there was too much negativity. I didn't feel inspired or happy from these posts...
Life · 20.03.2019
We are so lucky. And grateful. And blessed. After some unsuccessful attempts, we received the incredible news that we soon - if all goes well - would be allowed to become parents once more :) I still can't believe it. It sounds so surreal. And I must say the way there was a little rockier than with Number 1...

Life · 12.12.2018
About the same time I experienced Lifestylette blog being claimed by some utter stranger, I somehow came across platforms where you can gossip about other blogs and bloggers. Curious as I am – and the eternal gossiper & rambler with my girlfriends - I soon became fascinated by this… But what kind of Pandora’s box was hereby opened!!!
photo album south-of-france wedding
Life · 08.09.2018
We attended a wedding last week where we were first greeted by a wishing tree for the happy couple. I love that idea. It was a beautiful mix of old and new traditions. I hadn't seen a real wishing tree in ages. So we took our instant pic and stuck it on a card. Then came the wishing moment where my husband generally goes towards the bar saying "you are so much better at this". This time was no exception.