Environment friendly wasp repeller

Die-Stulle, Berlin outdoors café
Die-Stulle, Berlin outdoors café


We have been enjoying quite THE Indian summer as of now...which means more outdoors coffees with baby Lifestylette : yay!!


I love exploring cute cafés and grabbing a bite or a nice café au lait but it gives it a je ne sais quoi when enjoyed outside, don't you think?

There is one problem though with the bite or sip outside. Yes, that is right: the devilish black and yellow striped creatures a.k.a. wasps.

wasp, home-made-lemonade
wasp, home-made-lemonade


Imagine: after looking for the perfect spot, not too sunny, not too shady; you have just sat down, made yourself cosy possibly even sunk in cushions you will never be able to get out of without making a fool of yourself; ordered and even been served and then buzz, buzz! There she is, buzzing around, not only hoping to share whatever it is you are biting or sipping but, in an act of immense generosity, calling her friends to join the party!


In short: if the little creatures find your oasis, the cosy moment turns into a nightmare.


Not only does this annoy me, I am also scared. There's some allergy in my family so a little sting rhymes with rush to hospital.

Not funny at all.

And with baby Lifestylette now here, I take this a little more seriously.


So even if I know they don't attack out of nowhere, I am irrationally scared and the little creatures make my outdoor moment quite unenjoyable if they happen to discover me.


But now that doesn't mean that I want to harm them. On our tour this summer, we encountered one person in the Pays Basque who would whip out his fly swatter and well you guess the rest. I was pretty shocked by the violence of it all.


That is not the solution I need. Nor is carrying around some wasp spray. Nor trapping them in some honeypot.

outdoors café & spray
outdoors café & spray

So you can imagine how enthusiastic I was when, walking around the neighbourhood, I found my perfect solution!


On the one of the tables of a café nearby, I spotted a little spray bottle with undefined liquid. Intuitively, I thought this was the solution to my problem - well one of them at least - and yes! The cafetier told me he quite simply had had enough of wasps driving customers away so went to the local drugstore, bought some travel spray bottles, filled them with water and this was in turn driving the wasps away.


Needless to say: I sat down straight away and ordered my Café au lait AND I ran to the drugstore afterwards to make my own little environmental friendly wasp repeller.


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  • #1

    Vic (Thursday, 11 October 2018 21:13)

    I must admit that I killed quite a lot of wasps in my appartment this summer, as I wanted to protect my baby. And I always feel awful to do so. Most of the people would think this is ridiculous but I am happy to read that I am not the only one considering them as being a life just as another one. Next summer I will follow your advice ;-).

  • #2

    Lifestylette (Monday, 15 October 2018 22:40)

    Hehehe ;-) good to know @Vic that we are in the same boat here!
    Hope that it is useful next summer!