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Life · 20.11.2018
But then what do you do at home all day??? And is that ok for you? I have heard this sentence so often this year during my maternity leave and most of the time it just made me laugh so much! Not only am I amused by the image that the people asking have of the “stay-at-home” mom, but also I have never seen it as a burden!
Die-Stulle, Berlin outdoors café
Life · 13.09.2018
We have been enjoying quite THE Indian summer as of now...which means more outdoors coffees with baby Lifestylette : yay!! I love exploring cute cafés and grabbing a bite or a nice café au lait but it gives it a je ne sais quoi when enjoyed outside, don't you think? There is one problem though with the bite or sip outside. Yes, that is right: the devilish black and yellow striped creatures a.k.a. wasps.