Man flu

Man-flu, nasal spray, tea, tissues & medicine
Man-flu, nasal spray, tea, tissues & medicine


We have been hit by man flu end of last week and ALL week end. Now by this I mean from Friday COB to this morning early when the LFSTYLT husband took the first plane out to whichever city it was again - I have given up on keeping track.

I don't know if I am the only one here to have an otherwise macho-toughguy-excasanova husband who all of a sudden is incapable of lifting his little finger as it oh so hurrrttts baaadly. Just the sound of him saying this in my head while typing is making me aggressive.


Maybe it is the hormones. 


But it has been bothering me all week end. Why did I get so annoyed at the poor guy who well can't do much about falling ill to be fair? I tried to find some possible reasons...


1) I can't relate / believe his cold can be so bad


The man flu started this time with a text thursday : I think I am falling MEGA ill. The questions are already spinning in my head: what does MEGA mean, what is wrong, something serious or another man flu?


Next text hours later: "I will take some medicine and not go out long tonight" (Yeah right!) --> maybe the 'medicine' part is true (headache pills?) but hanging out for dinner until past midnight does not reinforce the MEGA ill statement.


When we do get to talk on the phone the next day (after an argument, I was already loaded by then); going to see the doctor upon landing home is ruled out: so, again: if you are MEGA ill, why not go see the doctor? In my logic it demonstrates that you are NOT MEGA ill - and again just typing this is making me aggressive. Hormones is that you?


Over the week end, when he is still MEGA ill, I dare ask at some point: ok so what is exactly hurting so I can go get you some medicine? (Attempt to be nice) 

The thing is there is no answer to this question!!! A shrug and a "everything well no now (of course at the point I ask, nearly all is magically over) I really only have a blocked nose and it reeeeallly hurts"

To this, my chemist just burst out laughing and asked (out of politeness I am sure) if sinuses were hurting to which the answer was of course no, so she gave me some plant-based pills for cold / flu, etc. so I could have something to go home with to the MEGA ill.


2) When I am sick, I don't act like that (and nobody is around anyways so deal with it!)


Well that nearly says it all - when I catch the bi-yearly throat ache which ends into a massive two week cold; I rarely stay at home from work and just take the teas, nasal spray, cough syrups and other decongestants. And ever since baby Lifestylette has been around, I can even less stay in bed or be sick at home.


So boohoo, tough luck, take the medicine and be a MAN!


3) I can't cope with a sissy (haha!)


I wanted a strong man and not a sissy, seeing him in that position does not make him endearing (as say when he would at last for once show his emotions) but just annoying maybe linked also with 1) and 2) my perception of his suffering


4) I am anxious for baby Lifestylette


Baby Lifestylette has already had a cold or two and I do know that it is normal and even good for them to catch colds to build up their immune system - supposedly or that's what I am told. However: she hasn't started day care yet, she still is my tiny baby and her having difficulties to breathe and me having to clean her nose with her crying in pain breaks my heart...So I know the colds will come, but we don't need to force them on right now, ok?


5) I just am disappointed


I was so much looking forward to the week end being just the three of us and obviously it is less fun without him - well actually it's like a week day so what is the point of the week-end then? And there are so few week ends. And it kind of just puts us all down.


6) The hormones are not helping


Well nothing to add, although I am as happy as can be, the hormones do tend to get out my aggressive side (or teary).


Hmm...I guess this is just a never ending discussion between men and women, right? Even if he really can't do anything about falling ill, we seem to have different perceptions of suffering and ideas about how to treat a cold...


I guess the only solution is for me to force him to take preventive miracle vitamins if ever I found out which they are!

Lemon-tree & lemons
Lemon-tree & lemons

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    Fogy (Sunday, 07 October 2018 11:50)

    You should find a publisher and make a book out of this

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    Lifestylette (Monday, 08 October 2018 20:44)

    @ Fogy: Thank you for such good feedback!