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Life · 20.11.2018
But then what do you do at home all day??? And is that ok for you? I have heard this sentence so often this year during my maternity leave and most of the time it just made me laugh so much! Not only am I amused by the image that the people asking have of the “stay-at-home” mom, but also I have never seen it as a burden!
Frankfurt, altstadtfest, 2018, old-town, Dom, Römer
Travel Blog · 02.10.2018
After so much travelling, we decided to stay in Frankfurt for once last week end and enjoy the gorgeous autumn weather which was announced. It was great to re-discover the city we live in as expats and now with a baby. Thanks to Baby Lifestylette we wake up so early that we now have the feeling we have a whole bunch of extra days in the week-end to squeeze in lots more. Frankfurt has just officially opened its 'new old town' so we decided to go and have a look at it. We moved to Frankfurt some...