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Travel Blog · 24.04.2019
Perfect plans rarely work out how we had imagined. This time in London, we had planned so much things to do – friends to visit, lunches, cafés etc. But somehow, in a sleep-deprived phase and after a series of little inconveniences, we had to face it: we couldn't stick to our week-end plan....
Travel Blog · 17.04.2019
About a year ago, we saw some documentary with beautiful cherry blossoms in Bonn. When I asked LFSTYLT husband about this - he describes himself as a "Bonner" - he looked at me in astonishment claiming that the Bonn cherry blossoms are world known. Even though I always like to make fun of him, I must admit that I was quite surprised to discover he was right when I looked this up...

Travel Blog · 10.04.2019
A few days ago, we went for a day trip to nearby Cologne. I had already been a few times to Cologne, privately as for business, visiting world-known heritage as well as the renowned Carnaval. To be honest, I had never really liked the city that I had visited on brief accounts. Maybe it was due to the rushed through business meetings between trains or planes, or maybe it was due to the cultural marathon rushing through tourist-crammed areas. Maybe just both. In any case, I decided to.
Travel Blog · 16.03.2019
A few days after our surreal stay at Casona de Quintana, we were allowed to experience a new type of family-owned vacation. We were making our way up to my beloved Bretagne along the Basque coast. Whilst planning our road trip, we had so badly wanted to definitely stay in Biarritz but unfortunately booked far too late...

Travel Blog · 06.03.2019
As the grey, rain and viruses are taking over again :( I caught myself day-dreaming of our sunny escape last week in Alsace. Meeting up for a special birthday over a week-end, with 12 adults, 3 babies / toddlers, we had a full programme ahead of us to make everybody happy. We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in Colmar which was a perfect house to host all of us...
Travel Blog · 16.02.2019
We seem to have discovered recently a new type of accommodation we particularly appreciate on our travels. When I look back at the time LFSTYLT husband and I met, I can't help but laugh out loud at some of the accommodations we experienced...

Travel Blog · 15.01.2019
As we finally sat down in the Boeing that was going to fly us to our sun-filled vacation, LFSTYLT husband and I looked at each other and smiled. The very first flight prep with Baby Lifestylette less than a year ago had run slightly less smoother :) what a difference! Over less than a year, with flying a lot - sometimes alone with her - short, medium and long flights, we have managed to optimize our packing skills with her which makes the journeys far less stressful. Here are our lessons
Travel Blog · 18.10.2018
Using the excuse of an evening invitation in Lille, we recently spent a day in the capital of Flanders, where we were lucky to see the city at its best with the Indian summer sun shining on its red brick buildings. Indeed, as soon as we are in Lille, we always try and make some time to shop some "classics" to bring back to Germany where we currently live. We started with a café au lait at one of the many cafés of the Grand Place, Lille's main square.

Dusseldorf, night, skyline, view, private-rooftop, lifestylette
Travel Blog · 11.10.2018
As soon as I spend what seems to me like an eternity in the same city, I need a little break. This time, I decided to have a day trip to Düsseldorf, the capital of North Rhine Westphalia. It is a pretty city where I don't go enough. I long underestimated Düsseldorf. It has so many different faces - between the romantic Rhine side, the quaint old town, the numerous show-rooms or the world-known luxury shopping street... It is a city bubbling with new fashion, beauty, food & drink trends...