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Travel Blog · 10.04.2019
A few days ago, we went for a day trip to nearby Cologne. I had already been a few times to Cologne, privately as for business, visiting world-known heritage as well as the renowned Carnaval. To be honest, I had never really liked the city that I had visited on brief accounts. Maybe it was due to the rushed through business meetings between trains or planes, or maybe it was due to the cultural marathon rushing through tourist-crammed areas. Maybe just both. In any case, I decided to.
Travel Blog · 06.03.2019
As the grey, rain and viruses are taking over again :( I caught myself day-dreaming of our sunny escape last week in Alsace. Meeting up for a special birthday over a week-end, with 12 adults, 3 babies / toddlers, we had a full programme ahead of us to make everybody happy. We stayed in a beautiful Airbnb in Colmar which was a perfect house to host all of us...

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Travel Blog · 02.10.2018
After so much travelling, we decided to stay in Frankfurt for once last week end and enjoy the gorgeous autumn weather which was announced. It was great to re-discover the city we live in as expats and now with a baby. Thanks to Baby Lifestylette we wake up so early that we now have the feeling we have a whole bunch of extra days in the week-end to squeeze in lots more. Frankfurt has just officially opened its 'new old town' so we decided to go and have a look at it. We moved to Frankfurt some...