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Travel Blog · 24.04.2019
Perfect plans rarely work out how we had imagined. This time in London, we had planned so much things to do – friends to visit, lunches, cafés etc. But somehow, in a sleep-deprived phase and after a series of little inconveniences, we had to face it: we couldn't stick to our week-end plan....
Travel Blog · 10.04.2019
A few days ago, we went for a day trip to nearby Cologne. I had already been a few times to Cologne, privately as for business, visiting world-known heritage as well as the renowned Carnaval. To be honest, I had never really liked the city that I had visited on brief accounts. Maybe it was due to the rushed through business meetings between trains or planes, or maybe it was due to the cultural marathon rushing through tourist-crammed areas. Maybe just both. In any case, I decided to.

Travel Blog · 03.04.2019
Nice has been on our bucket list for ages, so we were really excited to be flying over for the first spring week end of the year! We had a tough programme ahead of us, given that we were meeting up with the same group as in Alsace - and also for a birthday! - so we saw this trip more as a first discovery...