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Travel Blog · 18.10.2018
Using the excuse of an evening invitation in Lille, we recently spent a day in the capital of Flanders, where we were lucky to see the city at its best with the Indian summer sun shining on its red brick buildings. Indeed, as soon as we are in Lille, we always try and make some time to shop some "classics" to bring back to Germany where we currently live. We started with a café au lait at one of the many cafés of the Grand Place, Lille's main square.
Pink & Blue ice-cream
Life · 25.09.2018
I bumped into a former work colleague as I was walking home from a city lunch this week. The usual kiss kiss 'hey! long time no see!' bladibla was completed by a polite ‘and you're a mother now, incredible' bladibla... as well as - a classic when people want to ask something nice about your baby - 'and how is HE called?' I nearly choked. 'It's a she but I don't like pink!' is all I managed to answer. Granted, it IS difficult to distinguish a boy from a girl at those small ages - I barely can...